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Social Media Management - SF Media

Content Creation.

Let’s create content that not just speaks, but connects with people.

What is the process of creating content for your Social Media?

Creating the content for your Social Media campaign starts at your brand. For a brand to become recognisable there needs to be consistency and this is the approach we take for your online presence.

We will take the time to create each Social Media profile you want to work on, platforms we cover are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

From here, we ensure that all the Social Media platforms you have chosen to use correlate with each other, so when people visit each different platform it is clear that this is your brand. Examples of this will be ensuring your logo is clear and coherent on each platform, using your brand colours effectively to give your Social Media profiles a consistent colour scheme across all platforms, and that your logo is on every image posted for an extra boost of brand awareness.

These may seem like small changes, but they can be highly effective when someone is searching for your brand.

What types of content will be created for your Social Media?

Through the process of breaking down your business into content categories, we will use these to create fresh and interesting messages that will resonate with your audience. These types of content could be a combination and mixture of:

  • Campaign Posts (these are based on the chosen monthly topic or theme, for example, a jewellery store would campaign promotions or relevant jewellery for themed days such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc.)
  • Promotional Posts (this can include promoting the services you offer, products you sell and the history and roots of your business)
  • Article Posts (news and blogs will be created and shared on your profiles to create engaging content that is relevant to your industry)
  • Current Event Posts (Using #hashtags on selected platforms to share industry specific topics that will target a varied yet mass audience)

Depending on the type of industry you work in, posts will be tailored to approach either a formal or informal audience; these details will, of course, be discussed as part of the strategy process.

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch or complete our form for a free Social Media review. To find out more information about our Social Media management service, please take a look at how we schedule your social media posts.

Free Social Media Review.

Whether you already use a Social Media Management agency, or would like to know how Social Media Marketing can help your business. Request a Free Social Media Review and let our marketing team help you make the most of your online presence.

How we guide your business for Social Media success.

Social Media Management can be a brilliant extension to your business, as it allows you to focus on what is important – engaging with your audience.

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By getting to know you and your brand, we can help you set clear goals of what you want your Social Media to achieve. This allows our team to identify areas of your business that we can promote on Social Media and engage with an online community that want to be a part of your brand.

We aim to utilise visuals such as images, gifs and infographics which have been proven to increase engagement by 150% than having text alone, to give your brand content that people want to share and engage with.

Our Social Media Management is made up of 4 key steps that help us to establish your brand and create great content for your business.

If you would like any further advice on planning and setting up your Social Media Marketing campaign, please contact our team today.

Got any Questions? Speak to our team.

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from £400 per month

  • Suitable for business starting out with Social Media.
  • Posting available across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • A minimum of 30 posts per month.
  • Monthly reporting and catch-up call.
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from £600 per month

  • Suitable for business with growing Social Media profiles.
  • Posting available across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • A minimum of 60 posts per month.
  • Monthly reporting and catch-up call.
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from £800 per month

  • Suitable for business with established Social Media profiles.
  • Posting available across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • A minimum of 90 posts per month.
  • Monthly reporting and catch-up call.
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Social Media Management Pricing Guide.

We believe in being as open and transparent with pricing and timescales as possible. We operate a fixed daily rate for all variations of work. We work hard to ensure we are fully accountable to our clients at all times.

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Any quotation we provide for Social Media Management will be based around the amount of time required to promote your business. We have various package levels which can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. Here we've provided a few examples that cover different levels of exposure.

For a free initial quotation and review of your current Social Media profiles and strategy, please contact our team today.

  • Strategy and Setup FAQ's

    How will you get to know me and my business?

    Before we even begin building your social media strategy we like to meet up, grab a coffee and get to know each other. By forming a strong working relationship, it’s much easier for us to really get to know you and your business and how to best represent your brand online.

    How do you create a social media strategy?

    To create your social media strategy, it’s important we understand what you wish to achieve from using social media. Whether it be an increase in sales, enquiries or website traffic, we can use this information and tailor it around the content we create.

    What does a social media strategy include?

    Your social media strategy will include a clear, organised breakdown of each post or post category that is tailored to each social media platform your business uses. This breakdown will show each individual post, the contents of the post and the time it will be published. Images and digital graphics play a huge part online, therefore, your strategy will include an image template so all of your images feature your company branding. If you have photographs or images you would like to use we will ensure these are included within your strategy.

    Will you create social media profiles if I don't have any?

    Absolutely, we are more than happy to get you up and running if you are unsure or simply don’t have the time to set them up yourself. As part of the consultation stage, we will discuss which platforms you should be on and how they will be set up.

  • Content Creation FAQ's

    What type of content should my business post?

    Content for your social media depends on which areas of your business you want to showcase. These could be services, products, reviews etc.. You may want to hold online competitions or create video content to show a project you are involved in. Indentifying the most suitable content for your business is all part of our consultation process, in which we will help you choose the best post types.

    What do you need from me, to create the content?

    This all depends on the type of posts you want to publish. If you build conservatories, for example, and you want to showcase your work, we will ask for reviews, case studies and photographs, so we can show potential customers your work online.

    How do I send you content?

    You can send us content (written or image based) through email or we can set up a Dropbox which makes transferring larger files more accessible.

  • Scheduling FAQ's

    How do you schedule posting of content?

    We use advanced social media software which allows us to control the scheduling over multiple platforms, all from one place. By scheduling posts in advance, we are always prepared, each post is planned and scheduled ahead of time as this gives you and us plenty of time to change or adapt posts before they have been published.

    How many times a day should I post content?

    Each platform has its own rules and ways of sharing content. For example, a Facebook post will keep re-appearing on a users timeline as the post gets more likes or interactions, so there is no need to repost the same message, as the chances are users will start to see duplicate posts. On other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, posts are less likely to re-appear on a users timeline, so you can repeat the post at a different time or on a different day to ensure it has been seen by as many people as possible. 

    Can I delete or change posts?

    Yes, because we schedule posts in advance, you can decide to alter or delete content without followers seeing it. 

    When do you begin scheduling posts?

    Planning content for the coming month takes place a couple of weeks before the start of that month, this gives us plenty of time to receive any content from you, create images and write the posts. Once we are happy with the monthly plan and have all the posts written and graphics/images tailored to each platform, we will then begin scheduling.

  • Analysing FAQ's

    How do you measure the success of my social media campaign?

    This all depends on the goals you set out for your business at start of the process. For example, if your goal was to gain more website traffic through social media, we will use social media analytics which can tell us how many people clicked through to your website month-on-month. We can even help to set up Google Analytics tracking on your website which gives you an in-depth analysis, both internal and external on the performance of your website.

    How do you handle negative comments received on social media?

    We are able to respond to general comments or enquiries in a formal and respectful manner by directing users to contact your customer service department. If you would prefer to respond to all comments and direct messages yourself, that is no problem at all. In many cases, if the question is something that we can't answer, we will let you know that you have a message waiting and will encourage you to respond to the query. 

  • Advertising on Social Media FAQ's

    Do you offer paid social media advertising?

    Yes, this can be discussed and agreed upon during the consultation process, as most posts will not require a paid marketing budget. If you want to reach a wider audience through paid advertising, we can set this up and discuss a recommended budget with you. 

    Why should I consider boosting my posts?

    Boosting posts is an effective way of advertising a particular product or service to reach a higher volume of people. It is also a good way of increasing brand exposure and growing your social media following far quicker than relying on organic growth.

    Can you help me run a competition on social media?

    Absolutely! As part of the consultation process we will ask if you want to offer competitions/giveaways and can create a small plan on the dates the competitions would start and end and the prizes you wish to give away. We can help you with any photographs or graphics that are required for the competition and we will even assist with announcing the winner by collecting the data received on the post.

  • Social Media for Business FAQ's

    Why is social media important for businesses?

    Social media is used by 2.80 billion users worldwide and 2.56 billion of them are using social media on mobile devices, so you need to let your business be known to the billions of people that exist on social media. By utilising these platforms, you are giving your business a voice and a chance to communicate on a personal level with current and potential customers.

    Why should I outsource social media management?

    Outsourcing social media management is an effective and efficient way of growing your online presence if you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself or you are unsure where to start. Having your social media managed externally gives you more time to engage with customers face-to-face and build stronger relationships in person that will translate onto the online world.

    Can I still post to my social media accounts?

    Of course, you have the absolute freedom to contribute yourself and add anything as you go along that you want your customers to know about.

    Can you help our in-house social media planner?

    If you have someone in-house managing your social media and you feel they could benefit from extra help and resources, we provide a social media training session whereby through discussion and analysis we give advice on how to plan a strong social media strategy and how to utilise each platform your business is on.

  • Platforms FAQ's

    What social media platforms do you work with?

    Social media platforms we work with are; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

    What social media platforms should I choose?

    Not every business needs every social media platform that exists; we can help you select the platforms that will be most beneficial to your business. As some platforms are more imaged based than text based, this may play a part in your decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Please browse our selection of Social Media Management related Frequently Asked Questions.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us today and a member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • SF Media provided a sleek, modern & easily navigated platform for our customers to use, which in turn, has helped our business move in the right direction. Jamie & the team are always on hand to offer support & assistance when needed & we jump at the chance to recommend them to friends.

    Matt Flint, Can You Dance?

  • The guys at SF Media do a great job for us here at Distinctive Confectionery.  They have certainly made a difference to our business and are always on hand to make suggestions and to help improve our website and position on Google.

    We can thoroughly recommend their services.

    Adele Thomas, Distinctive Confectionery

  • Jollys Jewellers have been working with SF Media for the past 3 years on our online marketing and the build and management of our eCommerce website. After the initial meeting, I was instantly impressed both by the hands on approach of Pete and Jamie, and the level of expertise they displayed.

    Their passion for the industry is clear to see and our business has benefited greatly from the work they have done for us. We would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

    Tom Ginever, Jollys Jewellers

  • SF Media have designed 3 websites for my business across the property, restaurant and industry sectors. Working with them on each project has been a pleasure.

    They have listened to us carefully on each project and come up with a design that really works for us and looks visually fantastic.  I would very much call them part of my team and see our relationship as a long term one. I would highly recommend their work and look forward to future projects.

    James Cannon, MD - Ransomwood Estates UK Ltd

  • The work that SF Media have done for our business has been one of the key drivers of our business performance. We are growing at 30% year on year and roughly 50% of our new client enquiries come through internet searches.

    Kerry Smith, KJ Smith Solicitors